Awesome EP release done, more fun to come!

Posted by on 2 Feb, 2014

We had a total blast last Thursday during the EP release party in Simplon. Our friends from Noint did what they do best, giving us an awesome 45 minute set of pure power rock. Awesome photographs were taken, currently they’re at our facebook page but soon they will be here as well. And to top things off, local tv station Oog TV showed up, making it the nigh of our first tv interview as well! We did alright, thanks to their amazing editing skills no doubt. To finish up the already awesome evening, we had loads of fun on stage giving you all what we think was one of the best performances we ever did!

We’d like to thank the people at Simplon for the organisation, the awesome stage sound and the light effects (green laz0rs!), and of course we’d also like to thank everyone for showing up and having a good time with us!

So what’s coming next? Well, there’s quite a few things in the works, but today we will be performing and jamming at Boelie’s Pub in Winschoten, which is also being covered in EchtErik’s radio show on Radio Dollard. Things start at 16.00h, so come by or tune in to EchtErik from 17.00h-19.00h on

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