Studio Action almost done, now it’s giggity time

Posted by on 17 Aug, 2013

Hello everybody! The last few weeks we spent some time in the No Pussy Blues Studio in Groningen to record our new EP. In an epic struggle we managed to record the music for five songs, including overdubs, in one weekend. Then we did the vocals for four of those songs in one evening. so now all that needs to be done is vocals for that last song, and then mixing, mastering, the whole shebang. So...

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Working towards some hot studio action!

Posted by on 3 Jun, 2013

We’ve been promising this for ages, but it’s really going to happen! The last weekend of July, we will invade the awesome No Pussy Blues Studio to work on some rocking new recordings. Some songs will be new, some songs will be classics which deserve re-recording. So soon enough, we’ll be rocking your speakers! In the meantime, we join The Tinnitus Peepshow to perform in...

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