Make sure you know the songs for january 30!

Posted by on 20 Jan, 2014

As of the first day of this year, iTunes and Spotify have released our EP too. So now, you can put us in your playlist, or even better: buy the EP! (we really recommend that last option) Without further ado: Here’s the EP on iTunes. See you Thursday, january 30, Simplon...

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves a release date

Posted by on 13 Dec, 2013

It’s been silent for long, but now we finally can bring it out in the open: “The Motivational Speaker EP”. A 5 song record which we’ve recorded last summer, we’ve been mixing and mastering last autumn and now finally will present to you this Sunday. (15-12-2013) Be prepared to listen to online radio at 18.00 this afternoon, because they will play...

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